Purchase a Class Pass for discount classes. Class Passes are pre-paid classes that can be used at any of our “Drop-In” or “Series” classes. Buying a Class Pass (good for 10 classes) will save you $30 over the cost of buying 10 individual classes. An added bonus to buying and using a Class Pass is that you are only charged for classes you attend. If you sign up for a “Series” class that includes multiple weeks and you have to miss some classes, you do not have to pay for the weeks you miss.

Regular Drop-In classes are $15/each. Regular Series classes are also $15 each, but must be paid in advance for the entire session.
Pre-paid Drop-In classes with Class Pass are $12/each and you only pay for the classes you attend!

The Class Passes don’t expire so you can come as often or as seldom as you wish.

Please note – If you purchase a Class Pass online, please come to The Art Loft with your proof of payment (confirmation email from Paypal) and you will receive your physical card at your next class. If you are registering for a Series class, please select “Check Payment” at checkout and then you can use your Class Pass instead. Any questions, just email us.