Open Studio

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at watercolor, acrylics, or collage? Are you thinking of taking a class but aren’t sure what you would like to do?

We have the perfect thing – Open Studio at the Art Loft!

The Art Loft has all kinds of materials for you or your young ones to try. Come in for a play day or work on your own project, either way, we will all have fun creating together!

Beginning January 9th, the Art Loft will be open on Monday afternoons from 2:30 – 4:30 p.m. Karen Olson will be on hand to help you get started with your project or offer a dedicated space for you to work in. Karen has experience in a variety of mediums and will be glad to offer help. There are all kinds of materials available for kids projects as well.

Open studio will run back to back with the class Jewelry Making – Intro to Metalwork. If you are taking the metalwork class you are welcome to stay and work on your project during open studio time.


The Art Loft


The Art Loft


The Art Loft


The cost of the 2 hours class is $15. Please register is advance online for each day. 

January special!

One adult together with one or two children for just $15!!

Sure cure for cabin fever!!

Register here!

Feel free to contact Karen with any questions – or 207-542-5845


Partying at the Art Loft

Jewelry Making Art Party at the Art Loft

Our first Art Party was a huge success! We had a wonderful turnout and everyone had a relaxing afternoon making jewelry and making friends.

Karen Olson brought her bead stash to share and each person went home with a few pairs of earring to wear or give as gifts. Karen promised she would do another free class in the early spring! We can’t wait!!

But if you can’t wait until spring, she will be teaching a class in metalwork in January. Click here to sign up.

There will be a free art party at the Art Loft every month, each with a different instructor and theme. In January, it will be Melissa Kelly with ‘Reviving Creativity.’ Check it out here.

See you there!


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


If you are interested in hosting your own art party, you can rent the Art Loft  space by the hour. Artists are also available to lead a group in your chosen medium if you like.







Abstracts and Realism at the Art Loft

When it comes to art, which do you love? Abstracts or realism?

Opinion seems to be split right down the middle, so that’s what we’ve done. Split the Art Loft right down the middle with a two person show featuring Chuck Paine and Paula Apro.

Chuck Paine is both a yacht  builder and accomplished artist, proficient in oil and watercolor. You can see a love of both professions in his artwork. A passion for all that is Maine, especially the sea, is clearly evident. Students at the Art Loft benefit greatly from the traditional art instruction he offers. It is such a pleasure to have Chuck as part of our instructor team. We are so pleased to be offering his work at the Festival of Lights Art Walk opening on November 25th, from 2-8, Black Friday. Small pen and ink drawings, as well as large oil paintings, will be available to purchase.

Chuck will be on hand to explain his process. Please feel free to stop by and talk shop with him.

Visit Chuck’s website here.











Paula Apro is an artist and photographer as well as a  web designer. She is a co-founder of the Art Loft. Paula’s photography workshops are well known in Maine and have a loyal following. She has a passion for abstracts and has developed a process by which she manipulates her camera settings and creates motion in her work. The result is an amazing image beautifully printed and perfect for any home. You simply must experience her photography in person, truly inspiring!

Stop by and say hi to Paula Friday, she will be happy to share her story with you!

Visit Paula’s website here.












Several other small works from various artists will be shown at the Art Loft from 2-8, November 25th.

See you there!!






Encaustic art with Otty Merrill

Encaustic art with Otty Merrill


On Saturday, November 5th, Otty Merrill demonstrated her encaustic art process to a group at The Art Loft. We thoroughly enjoyed watching her create with this amazing medium! Encaustic art is a process by which elements are embedded in wax. One can also ‘paint’ elements with colored wax onto a board. The possibilities are endless with this ancient artistic medium.


Encaustic art with Otty Merrill


Encaustic art with Otty Merrill


Encaustic art with Otty Merrill


We are so honored to have Otty as an instructor at The Art Loft. She is a well-known artist of notable talent. Her work has been shown at various galleries and venues from Portland, Maine to Seattle Washington, including Maine College of Art in Portland, The Center For Maine Contemporary Art in Rockport, Mars Hall Gallery in Port Clyde, Maine, and most recently in New York City at the National Association of Women Artist’s gallery on Fifth Avenue.

Her next workshop will be from 10:00am – 3:00pm, December 3, 2016. Below are scenes from Otty’s workshop this past spring.


Otty Merrill - encaustic workshop


Otty Merrill - encaustic workshop


Otty Merrill - encaustic workshop


Thank you Otty for sharing your art with us!

Click here to register for Otty’s Intermediate/ Advanced Encaustic workshop.

Visit her website here.




Otty Merrill
My statement as an artist is this:

“You might as well ask a fish to make a statement about “water”…it’s that much a part of who I am and what I do and how I see the world. I’m thrilled and thankful for having been born with an artist’s eye and heart. Temperament?…not so sure.

But this is for sure: life keeps getting better and so does my art, I notice, so long as I don’t take it too seriously or try to be something I am not.

What do YOU see in my artwork? If it is joy, or mystery, a pull or a connection, I have succeeded.”

~ Otty Merrill


Kim Nicoll teaches popular kids art class

Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class - The Art Loft


We don’t know how she does it, but each week Kim comes up with an amazing project for her 3-6-year-old class, Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class. Whether painting with cars and fly swatters, making paper mache fall trees, spray painting with acrylics in spray bottles, or becoming human spirographs, Kim never ceases to amaze us with her ability to design creative classes for the kids. She even provides her own handmade smocks for the children to wear!


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


Giggles and Doodles Kids Art Class


The class will be held on Wednesdays from 1-2:30pm, beginning November 16, 2016. Parents are encouraged to sign up their children for a two to four weeks series class and are welcome to participate.

Don’t you just wish you could be a kid again?!

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