There are many galleries lining the streets in downtown Rockland, but this one is different. Not only is the art on display less expensive and much more attainable for most folks, but it intends to inspire you to make your own similar works of art. So many aspiring artists go to galleries, not to actually purchase the art, but to be inspired by it. Normally this is not the intent of the art galleries who are in business to sell the art for profit. We want our artwork to serve as a catalyst to spark your interest in art and make you realize that you too can make art.

Come and visit The Art Loft Gallery. If you see something you like you have two options . . . purchase it, or even better . . . learn how to make it yourself. You never know if you can until you try!

Gallery Open During Rockland Art Walks – First Friday of every month May – December 5pm – 8pm, during all classes and events, or by appointment.