Art hive

Introducing Midcoast Art Hive


The Art Loft is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with Midcoast Art Hive which is part of the International Art Hive Network of community art studios.  Together we will host a free monthly open community studio where anyone is welcome to come and create, individually or in collaboration with others.

What is an “Art Hive”?

Art Hives function from the premise that everyone is an artist, and that making art is a universal human experience.  There is increasing evidence to demonstrate what many have known for centuries. Humans need to be engaged in creative and art-making processes. Making art is good for our us-for our physical, emotional and spiritual health. And it is good for our communities. When we make art together, it brings us together.  Art Hives celebrate the strengths and creative capacities of individuals and communities and foster self-directed creativity and learning.

Barbara Davis will facilitate the Art Hive open studios on the last Sunday of each month, February-June, 1-4 pm.

For more information please email or or click the button below.