Angela Anderson to Show at The Art Loft

We are pleased to announce our gallery opening on July 7th, from 5-8 pm featuring the work of  Angela Anderson entitled ‘Le Pont Neuf, The New Bridge, #9.’

Anglea’s classes at the Art Loft are extremely popular and it’s easy to see why. Her expressionist style is immediately eye catching and draws you right in. We thoroughly enjoyed a visit to her home and studio last year. Angela’s large scale works are so impressive and engaging. We are so happy to have her as an instructor and are honored to have her show with us.

Angela Anderson makes paintings in her studios in Maine and Florida. A trained figurative artist with a BFA in Fine Arts, from UNH. Angela is very prolific, working on several series of paintings simultaneously. Narrative paintings of the circus and tents, WW1 subjects, portraits, Florida paintings of palm trees, beach scenes and figures. Inspired to return to an earlier series of Romantic paintings, based on 18th-century French paintings, an exhibit of Romance was shown at the Port Clyde Art Gallery in 2016.

Having had exhibited widely in NYC and Europe, with a solo exhibition in Munich, Germany. Angela's work was included in Martin Kippenberger’s shows at Museum of Modern Art Paris, Cassel, Germany, Museum Beuyman’s von Beuningen, in Rotterdam Holland, and Metro Pictures Gallery, NY, NY. Her video Love, Boys and Food was shown at the New Museum in New York City, and the Queens Museum, Queens, NY. A resident of NY, NY, she worked for artist Philip Pearlstein as a model, while making her own work and exhibiting there.


6 x 6 The Bridge - Angela Anderson - the Art Loft


Le Pont Neuf, The New Bridge, #9 – Gallery Show at The Art Loft – July 7- August 28, 2017

In Toulouse, France, Le Pont Neuf, built in 1544, was strikingly wide for it’s time.  But it was the reflections it makes that captured painter Angela Anderson’s fancy.  The archways become full circles reflecting sunlight or electrical lights mounted on tall poles along the bridge’s walkways.

Between the numerous archways, large circular openings allow overflow to pass through, making more pattern, structure, and shapes.

Angela made her first trip in April to Toulouse and fell in love with the bridge while painting in the streets of Toulouse, (Frances’ most Hispanic and 5th largest city).  She will be showing the bridge series, including 3 paintings done in France.

The focus has become a full show of paintings and drawings of the bridge, on a larger scale than Lufthansa’s overhead compartment could contain.  All on view during First Friday’s Art Walk in July will be drawings, oil paintings, grisaille studies and palette knife paintings, techniques Anderson believes in as an art teacher.


Birdge Series - Angela Anderson - the Art Loft


Birdge Series - Angela Anderson - the Art Loft



Birdge Series - Angela Anderson - the Art Loft



Angela teaches painting at Art Loft on Mondays and Wednesday’s and leads Paint Nights two Friday evenings per month.

Rockland-born, Port Clyde resident is the newest member of the Port Clyde Art Gallery, where new paintings from her Moby Dick inspired series are currently on view.  FMI








Joyanna Margo – Art Walk Gallery Show

The Art Loft is pleased to announce Joyanna Margo’s May Art Walk Gallery Show –
‘Blossom by Blossom’

Joyanna Margo is thrilled to present a selection of work from her five-year healing journey with mixed media negative space painting. Her process is a practice in release and definition. Her abstract floral paintings begin with a burst of color, words of a song, and bits of paper. Within this abstraction, Joyanna finds fanciful flowers, and defines the lines around each blossom, bringing order while covering the space in between, much as we do when we decide which things to keep in life and of which things to let go. Joyanna’s method of intuitive painting seeks to work freely to create endlessly wild and varied designs as she sees on a walk through a meadow, garden or greenhouse.

The name of Joyanna’s show is derived from a poem by Algernon Charles Swineburne: “Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” Her forever-flowers warm and soften a room all year long. Stop and see the flowers singing with color and texture at The Art Loft.


About the Artist – Joyanna Margo Bernardo

Joyanna Margo - The Art LoftJoyanna Margo is an artist from Rockport, Maine. She began painting abstract florals in 2015 while living in Florida. As a Mainer stuck indoors all summer with air conditioning and drawn blinds, she was compelled to brighten up her home with an abundance of color and found freedom in paint and canvas.

Joyanna Margo enjoys creating intuitive abstract floral paintings using acrylic and mixed media. Her paintings begin as a burst of color, words of a song, or pages from a book. From layers of abstraction, she discerns flowers and reveals them by painting in the negative space around them. She hopes these fanciful paintings will bring you joy.

Joyanna Margo holds a BA in Missions with a minor in Creative Writing and a Master Herbalist certificate. She took a few art classes in high school and college but is primarily self-taught. She is a Resident Artist at The Art Loft in Rockland. She has shown her work locally at:
Aldemere Farm
Barn Door Baking Co.
State of Maine Cheese Co.
River Arts

Visit Joyanna’s website at

Connect with Joyanna at:
instagram: @jmargoartist