Driftwood Jewelry Making

Each piece is unique when working with driftwood. Come create with us using driftwood, natural materials and beads that reflect the colors of the ocean. You will be able to make several pieces in the time allotted. All materials included.

This class is a drop-in class: free to members and $20 for non-members.



About your Instructor – Hilary Mank

Hilary Mank - The Art LoftHi! I’m Hilary Mank. I reside in Hope, Maine and work as a local gardener and artist. Surrounding myself with nature always inspires me to paint what I see. From intricate flowers to vibrant vegetables. The natural world shines through everything that I work on.

Although watercolor is my favorite, I do not limit myself to just one medium. My art journey takes from driftwood jewelry making and wood burning to floral photography. There’s nothing like taking a piece of wood and transforming it into art. Exploring new ways to express myself is all part of the process.

I want to share through my work my love of the garden. Making art is a way for me to fill a creative need within myself. Sometimes I do it for the challenge, other times I do it to get my quirky ideas out of my head. My list of ideas is endless and I’m constantly working on making my sketches come alive. Everything reflects my fascination with plants. My friends and fellow artists continue to give me that push to keep creating new art! You can follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook. My handle is Everlongardener. I also have a weekly gardening blog at My art page can be found at


Hilary Mank