Partying at the Art Loft

Jewelry Making Art Party at the Art Loft

Our first Art Party was a huge success! We had a wonderful turnout and everyone had a relaxing afternoon making jewelry and making friends.

Karen Olson brought her bead stash to share and each person went home with a few pairs of earring to wear or give as gifts. Karen promised she would do another free class in the early spring! We can’t wait!!

But if you can’t wait until spring, she will be teaching a class in metalwork in January. Click here to sign up.

There will be a free art party at the Art Loft every month, each with a different instructor and theme. In January, it will be Melissa Kelly with ‘Reviving Creativity.’ Check it out here.

See you there!


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


Art Party - The Art Loft


If you are interested in hosting your own art party, you can rent the Art Loft  space by the hour. Artists are also available to lead a group in your chosen medium if you like.








Art Walk Show – Eclectic Journey

Hilary Mank and Kim Nicoll are makers of many things. Enter the minds of the artists as you walk their artistic path of exploration. Both artists use a variety of mediums to create two dimensional, 3 dimensional, functional, and wearable art. Wood, acrylics, watercolor, and gouache are just some of the mediums represented in the show.

Hilary has been breathing life into local driftwood in the form of chandeliers, jewelry, air plant hangers, assemblage, and sculpture. Her artistic brain explodes with ideas and plans and off the wall exciting creations. Watercolor botanicals and wood burning kitchenware will also be on display.

Kimberly Nicoll is currently working on a ‘We Are All Connected’ series. It is her wish to create awareness concerning the health of our planet and oceans. She designs pieces that will make young and old alike stop and wonder at the universe and our marvelous planet home. By combining a galaxy view with sea life and BIOLUMINESCENCE, she hopes to instill respect for our surroundings. Kimberly prints her work on t-shirts and tote bags and will have original paintings for sale, both large scale, and smaller works.

Join us for a wide range of artwork sure to spark the creative in you!



About the Artist – Kim Nicoll

Maine artist Kim Nicoll - The Art LoftPablo Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
How true that is. As adults, many of us are inhibited by the way we were raised or our education. Creativity is a need we have that tends to get pushed aside by the “have to’s” in life. Generally, creative expression is considered childish or perhaps a luxury. This was certainly true in my case.

But I discovered that art is in my blood and it is a thrill for me to create! I also discovered that creative expression can be extremely helpful for reducing anxiety. Art is a deeply nourishing and therapeutic process. My six-year-old boy has helped me let my silly side free. It has been an absolute joy to discover the world anew through his eyes. I wish to reveal as much of this as possible in my art.

It’s my goal to nurture in people the inner child or inner artist. It’s in each of us! And the Art Loft is a lovely place to take a class. It is my delight to share the love of life, learning, and creativity with people everywhere, and to help their creativity flourish.

See more of Kim’s work on:

Instagram @kimberlyannenicoll


About the Artist – Hilary Mank

Hilary Mank - The Art LoftHi! I’m Hilary Mank. I reside in Hope, Maine and work as a local gardener and artist. Surrounding myself with nature always inspires me to paint what I see. From intricate flowers to vibrant vegetables. The natural world shines through everything that I work on.

Although watercolor is my favorite, I do not limit myself to just one medium. My art journey takes from driftwood jewelry making and wood burning to floral photography. There’s nothing like taking a piece of wood and transforming it into art. Exploring new ways to express myself is all part of the process.

I want to share through my work my love of the garden. Making art is a way for me to fill a creative need within myself. Sometimes I do it for the challenge, other times I do it to get my quirky ideas out of my head. My list of ideas is endless and I’m constantly working on making my sketches come alive. Everything reflects my fascination with plants. My friends and fellow artists continue to give me that push to keep creating new art! You can follow along with me on Instagram and Facebook. My handle is Everlongardener. I also have a weekly gardening blog at My art page can be found at


Hilary Mank