Painting Textures and Layers

This class is a drop-in class: free to members and $20 for non-members.


Building of layers is a skill all artists need to master. In art, it makes all the difference! Layers of color and texture create beautifully radiant work. Once we learn this skill we can put it to use across a variety of mediums; acrylic painting, collage, mixed media, even photography!

We will be using acrylic paints and a variety of household tools to create our layers and textures. We will also incorporate gel printing.




About Your Instructor – Karen Olson

“Portrait work is my passion, still life photography my joy!

Karen Olson - Reunko StyleLighting, props, costume, and flora are the elements I use to create conceptual work and fairytale-like composites.  My work is dreamy, emotive, contemplative. I try to depict the inherent beauty and raw qualities of my subject, bringing to the surface that which is deep within.”

Karen Olson is a photographer and creative business mentor who loves to help artists and entrepreneurs navigate technology and craft their own brand presence on the web. She offers online classes and one on one mentoring in photography, website construction, and computer skills specific to your needs. She is a patient and kind instructor that has worked with many individuals to help them realize their vision.

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