2019 Teaching Artist requirements

Our mission at the Art Loft is to make an exciting array of classes available to the community at a reasonable cost. We are currently seeking talented artists that may be interested in teaching. If you have artistic talent, then you just may make a great teacher! We are looking for people that are passionate about whatever creative endeavor they are pursuing and have the desire to share it with others. Formal teaching experience is not required. If you desire to teach, please note the following guidelines.

All proposed workshops are subject to review by our executive director, Karen Olson. The best selling workshops are suitable for beginner and intermediate students. It is our desire to have classes that appeal to everyone.

Instructors will bring their own materials for the class. Materials readily available at the Art Loft can be used. Artists will set their own prices for the workshop according to the amount of time and materials necessary for the class. Generally, workshops that last 2-3 hours and are set at $35 sell the best. The Art Loft retains 30% of the total income from workshop sales.

Artists are encouraged to sign up for Artist Instructor Membership.

To apply to teach please email the following images and information for consideration:

  • Name, address, email, and phone
  • Links to any online artist information including website and social media
  • A brief description of your proposed workshop
  • Artist statement and bio
  • Headshot and at least 5 images of your artwork relative to the class
  • Indicate the month or day of the week that you would like to teach

Send all information by email to karen.artloftrockland@gmail.com


Interested in applying to be one of our Artists in Residence? Please see the following. 

2019 Artist in Residence application