Top Three Most Popular Music Genres Today

There’s no doubt that most of us enjoy listening to music. It’s enough to improve our moods when we’re having our worst moments. It also helps us to relax after working all day. Plus, it boosts our memory and mental alertness.

Notably, all of us don’t have the same music tastes, thanks to the fact that there are many music genres today. Here are three popular ones you should know about.

1. Rock Music

Deezer conducted a study in 2018 to find out the music genres that most Americans love. According to the results, rock music topped that list, with 56.8% of the respondents revealing that they cannot get enough of it.

Rock music’s popularity rose in the 1950s. It is influenced by other music genres such as classical and jazz. This entertaining music genre is characterized by a fast tempo and energetic vocal delivery. That’s why most rock artists shout and scream while they sing. Some of the most famous American rock musicians are:

  • Elvis Presley
  • Alice Cooper
  • Chester Bennington
  • Aerosmith
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Prince
  • Tina Turner
  • Madonna

2. Pop Music

Pop music is next on our list of popular music genres today. Most pop hits feature an attractive melody and a good rhythm. Their lyrics are pretty easy to remember, making it effortless for fans to sing along to the songs. This exciting music genre borrows some of its elements from rock music.

It is worth noting that pop music keeps evolving. Some artists produce their pop tracks with electronic sounds. Others are faster and happier, meaning that pop singers are more open to exploring other themes, apart from sadness and heartbreaks.

Some of the legendary pop artists the world celebrates include Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Selena Gomez, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Shawn Mendes, and Harry Styles.

3. Electronic Music

You’ve all heard of Avicii, Pierre Henry, and other artists who went down in history as some of the most talented electronic musicians globally. Their love for this music genre is easy to comprehend. Electronic music doesn’t feature distracting lyrics, enabling the listeners to focus on the art’s cognitive performance. Most electronic songs come with simple rhythms. Some students have even confessed to liking this music genre because of its incredible capability to boost their concentration and overall academic performance.

These are some of the most famous music genres, but there are more. These include hip hop, country, R&B, rap, and soul. Each has its fair share of fans from all around the world. While you may play favorites and like one music genre, it’s also easy to love several of them as long as the quality of the songs you listen to is okay.

What to Know About Music

Music is an interesting form of art that leverages human sounds and various musical instruments. Some people deem it extremely powerful because it enables them to express their deepest emotions without any boundaries. That’s why when an artist feels misunderstood, they release a song to let the world know how they truly feel.

Unless you have done extensive research on music or you are a musician, you might not understand much about this art, but this post can enlighten you. Here are several things to know about music.

You Can Earn a Living Through Music

Music is categorized as one of the most financially rewarding careers today. Musicians earn a living through it by releasing their songs or selling them on platforms such as YouTube. Others perform at clubs, malls, parties, and other locations where they can entertain music lovers. Although you can pay all your bills with the cash you make from music, it is best to do something on the side. This guarantees that you’ll still stay afloat in case you don’t get many gigs per month.

A Musician’s Online Presence Matters

We’re in the digital era. Most musicians depend on various online platforms to establish their unique brands and develop them. That’s why a singer’s online presence is critical, especially if they hope to make any money from their art.

Professional musicians need optimized websites and social media accounts to interact with their fans and keep them updated on their music. Nowadays, singers care a lot about optics because they determine what the public thinks about them. Their online presence enables them to create a ‘good image’ and retain the support of their fans.

Having a Team Is Essential

All successful singers can confirm that it’s tricky to make it alone. If you want to attain your goals as a musician, build a team of professionals to help you get to the top. These include:

  • Marketing strategist
  • Music producer
  • Manager
  • Booking agent
  • Entertainment lawyer
  • Videographer
  • Photographer

A cohesive team is critical for your growth. Ensure that each member works towards the same objectives, which should revolve around building your music career.

It’s essential to know the things mentioned above about music. If you are an aspiring musician, you have some handy tips to help you grow. If not, you’re aware of a few things that happen in the world of a singer.

Three Challenges Musicians Face Today

Musicians are among the most loved and idolized artists in the world. Nearly all of us wish their lives were ours, but what we might not know is that behind the wealth, glitz, fame, and dashing looks, these creatives battle many problems every day. Let’s check out some of these issues.

1. Competition

There are thousands of musicians today. What does one require to become the best? Unfortunately, talent is not enough for a singer to outflank their competitors. One needs to connect with their peers and mentors. They also have to work with dedicated experts such as producers, voice coaches, and managers. In addition, a singer who desires to outdo their competition has to remain dedicated at all times, which calls for a lot of sacrifices.

2. Mental Illnesses

Mental disorders are a global issue. Many musicians are fighting mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. For instance, Zayn, who recently welcomed a daughter with American model Gigi Hadid, revealed that he has experienced anxiety. The highly successful former One Direction star told Teen Vogue that he is not ashamed of it.

Musicians who have battled depression include:

  • Eminem
  • Lady Gaga
  • Demi Lovato
  • Britney Spears
  • Bruce Springsteen

3. Cold Demo Responses

This is a prevalent issue that most beginners face when they send their demos to managers, producers, record labels, media houses, or music companies. The truth is, these parties receive countless demos, and they barely have time to go through all of them. Cold demo responses can discourage aspiring musicians and prompt them to stop pursuing their dreams.

Today, most top-rated musicians have dealt with some of the problems discussed above and still made it to the top. It is prudent for one to seek help where necessary and remain resilient to avoid killing their dream of succeeding as a singer.

Two Incredible American Poets to Know

In 2021, Statista revealed more than 44 thousand writers were in the United States in 2020. A portion of these artists are poets whose poems have captivated millions of people globally. Interested in knowing some of them? Below are two of the most celebrated and talented American poets today.

Louise Elisabeth Glück

Born in 1943, in NYC, Glück is a legendary poet and essayist who has authored twelve poetry books. Her pieces are known for their unique emotional intensity. They feature themes such as trauma, sadness, nature, desire, and isolation. Notably, Glück has won many awards, including the Nobel Prize in Literature (2020) and the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ Gold Medal for Poetry (2015).

Robert Frost

Countless poetry lovers have referred to Frost as the United States’ “unofficial poet laureate.” His poems are known for their dramatic scenes and rhythms. Frost’s fans believe that he comprehended human nature better than most people, which is why his popularity continues to soar, although he passed on in 1963.

During his lifetime, Frost won many awards, including the Pulitzer Prize in 1924. He made history as the world’s first poet to perform at a presidential inauguration in 1961. Other poets worth knowing about are Maya Angelou, George Abraham, and Billy Collins.

What Should You Do to Become an Excellent Writer?

Writing is an art that most people crave to master. The truth is, the best writers take years to become great. But how do they get there? Below are practical strategies worth considering if you want to become an acclaimed writer.

Learn the Basics

You must understand the basics of writing to become a fantastic writer. One of these principles includes grasping the rules of spelling and grammar. Otherwise, readers will be repulsed by your content, regardless of whether you write blogs, books, short stories, essays, or product reviews. Of course, you may not have to follow grammar rules to the letter when working on writings such as poems, but it’ll depend on your style.


A celebrated American author, Stephen King, advises aspiring writers to read a lot. Bearing in mind that he has won over 100 awards and published over 60 books, it is undoubtedly wise to heed his advice. The thing about reading is that it enables you to learn from legendary writers and improve your skills. These aren’t the only things to do to join the league of the best writers. You should also make writing a habit, be authentic, and avoid distractions when working on your art.

Top Things to Decide Before Starting a Painting Project

Painting is a popular art today. Most artists prefer it because it enables them to express their feelings and ideas. It’s also an excellent way to earn a living, especially for those doing it professionally. As an artist, it’s not always easy to wake up and begin a painting project. There are lots of essential things you have to decide before you start to paint. These include:


The inspiration for a painting is critical because it determines what you’ll paint and the format to use. It can be from some images you like or the works of other exceptional artists you admire. Make sure you have a sketchbook where you record the things that inspire you to paint. When it’s time to work on the art, the ideas will be worthwhile.

Focal Point

A painting’s focal point refers to its primary area of interest. It’s the first thing a viewer notices when they see your piece of work. Remember that it should have more contrast than other areas. It’s best if you don’t place it at the edges or middle of your canvas. Apart from the focal point, you can also have several secondary elements to avoid drawing the viewer’s attention to one point only.


Your piece of art must come in a specified size. It determines the brushes you’ll use to paint. Your panting’s size may also affect your artwork’s colors, lines, shapes, and texture. Other things to decide before you begin working on a painting include:

  • Painting medium
  • Color scheme
  • Painting technique
Perks of Interior Painting

Interior painting is an art form that many homeowners love. It’s easy, and you don’t even need any training to do it right. Here are some of the advantages it offers.

Interior Painting Embellishes Your Home’s Interior

This is more achievable when you choose colors that match your décor. Fortunately, there are many timeless paint colors you can select today, depending on your unique preferences.

Increased Home Value

If you desire to sell your treasured property soon, this is the perfect art to leverage to attract more home buyers. Even if you don’t want to put your home on the market, it’s great to know that it is worth more.

Excellent Opportunity to Protect Your Walls

If you’re always working, it can be tricky to find time to clean or take care of your home. Grime is likely to accumulate on your walls within a few months. Once your painting project starts, you can clean and repaint your walls, giving them a fresher look.

In addition, interior painting:

  • Enhances your home’s air quality
  • Improves your mood while you’re at home
  • Enables you to personalize your space